IFC – Industry Foundation Classes

IFC is the common data structure definition of building information models. IFC is also the extension of the exchange format file that is the techical link between different BIM software (ifc-file). Today, the commonly used version of IFC is 2x3, although its successor, the IFC 4 has already been published.

DD – Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary is an international nomenclature, which is a key to create an maintain open platform BIM elements. In addition, it helps the definition of multilingual product libraries that can utilized by BIM software. Data Dictionary was previously called IFC Library.

IDM – Information Delivery Manual

IDM is a process description of a specific use case of the models. It describes how and when the BIM based information is utilized by different project disciplines.

MVD – Model View Defination

MVD is a techical description of the process definations, in order to describe how the software developers should implement the IDMs.

BCF – Building Collaboration Format

Building Collaboration format was originally developed by Finnish buildingSMART members, Tekla and Solibri, who together developed a way to exchange intelligent messages between different BIM software. The message contains the location of the selected elements and a commentary that is attached to them, so that the receiving program can find the chosen scene and highlight the desired components. A very small, an XML-based file can be easily transfered between the disciplines. By now, the BCF has implemented by a number of software such as Tekla Structures, Solibri Model Checker, CADS Planner and the DDS Architecture.

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