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buildingSMART Finland

Building Smart Finland is a collaboration forum founded by Finnish Property Owners, A/E Consultans, Software Vendors and Construction Companies. The Forum aims to disseminate information on BIM and support its member companies for implementing the BIM-based processes.


The goal is to help the member companies to recognize the benefits of BIM, and help them to develop and implement BIM-based business. Another aim is to promote the dialogue between the software vendors and end users.

Local Activities

Forum organizes BIM related seminars and member events. The Finnish buildingSMART Forum provides a link to the international BIM development and a way to influence into it. Building Information Modelling makes the operation of networks more efficient and improves the performance of the network. Our mission is to maintain the competitiveness and the development in BIM raleted business among Finnish companies. Forum offers a platform for these activies to our members. We provide you with additional information for example in:

  • Building projects and organizations that make use of BIM
  • How BIM processes, roles and tasks are developing
  • Open BIM use cases and technology improvements development
  • Developent and implementation of IFC and other buidlingSMART standards

International Activities

In addition to local operations buildingSMART and its members have the opportunity to influence
international standards and process development. The local Forum offers also a channel to participate the activities in the international level. BuildingSMART International works in the global level in order to enhance the compability of different software and standards. As technology is developing all the time, the more important becomes also the development of common processes and practices.

Business Groups



There are two building business groups:

  1. Clients
  2. Building Services

City Planning

The city planning industry group is a national collaboration and information exchange forum for technical modelling of cities.



Building Smart Finland infrastructure business group is responsible for developing and advancing the use of infrastructure information modelling in Finland.

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The education business group meets the challenges of BIM education of today and tomorrow.



The dictionary business group aims to create a common ground for industry classifications and vocabularies.