Common BIM Requirements 2012

Common BIM Requirement 2012, COBIM, is based on the BIM Requirements published by Senate Properties in 2007. The update project was funded by Senate Properties in addition to several other real estate owners and developers, construction companies and software vendors. BuildingSMART Finland participated also in the financing of the project. As a result, the updated Series 1-9 and new Series 10-13 were released in Finnish on March 27th 2012.

Series 1: General part

Series 2: Modeling of the starting situation

Series 3: Architectural design

Series 4: MEP design

Series 5: Structural design

Series 6: Quality assurance

Series 7: Quantity take-off

Series 8: Use of models for visualization

Series 9: Use of models in MEP analyses

Series 10: Energy analysis

Series 11: Management of a BIM project

Series 12: Use of models in facility management

Series 13: Use of models in construction

These guidelines are available also in:


Estonian language



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