In addition to the project team of the new Munich Concert Hall, we also got a possibility to meet representatives from the Delegation of Real Estate Department from Bayer.The high level of Finnish BIM’s expertise and the potential for cooperation were discussed during the meeting. BuildingSMART Finland’s Chairman Mr. Tomi Henttinen presented the BIM expertise in projects and the field development in Finland.On the first day, we organized visits to the Sibelius House in Lahti and to the Helsinki Music Center in Helsinki. During the visits, subjects such as use of BIM in these objects and general operating models for BIM-projects in Finland were introduced to quests. bSF’s Building Industry group was also presented by an expert of building technology Mr. Tero Järvinen, who is currently acts as a Chairman of Building group of buildingSMART Finland.

Photo 1. Visit at the Helsinki Music Center with the project group of the new Munich Concert Hall.


Finland’s Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen welcomed our group in Lahti, Sibelius Hall. Mr. Tiilikainen gave a short presentation on Finnish building industry competence and digitalization opportunities for our group. During the dialogue, we were able to bring widely our industry expertise in Finland.

Photo 2. Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen meets our group in Lahti.

Our guests also wished for meetings and debates on the national development of BIM, such as YTV (Common BIM Requirements) and the Kira-digi -project.

Ms. Minna Perähuhta from the Ministry of the Environment and Mr. Teemu Lehtinen from the Kira-digi-project presented the starting points and goals of the development project and the project results, which were already achieved.

Ms. Päivi Jäväjä, from Metropolia, also acts as a Chairman of bSF’s Education Industry group of buildingSMART Finland, presented BIM education in Finland and activities of the group to the quests.
Quests were very impressed with the achievements of BIM education and training in Finland and other national development work.

By the end of the program, Business Finland’s Mr. Petri Lintumäki introduced the model of support for the export of BIM expertise in the special internationalization program, in which Business Finland cooperating together with buildingSMART Finland.

Please, welcome to continue discussions during the BIM WOLRD Munich on 27-28 November, where buildingSMART Finland will be presented on its own exhibition stand.
For more information on BIM WORLD and participation in the event, please, contact Ms. Anna-Riitta Kallinen, tel. +358 40 770 9799, email: anna-riitta.kallinen (at)

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